How to be Happy

Being happy is not an uncontrollable feeling, It is a conscious decision you make every moment of your life!  I’m going to share with you my top 3 ways to ensure true happiness.

#1 Tell the Truth! First to YOURself, then to others.

Telling the truth is not always the easiest thing to do, sometimes we get afraid of hurting people we love and care for.  Often times it’s hard to tell the truth because of fear of consequences and judgement, But trust me, telling the truth is the absolute most freeing thing you will ever do! When you tell the truth, and live in your truth,you and other people are forced to look at you for who you truly are, and what you truly want. Others are left with two options, accept and love you for you,  or not.  In doing this you will build real relationships based on what you want and who you are.  In any circumstance telling the truth will lift a self created burden off of you.  With the truth, you’re not having to uphold an image hoping others accept it. You’re not agreeing to do things  that you don’t want to do.  You’re not remaining in toxic situations and relationships. When we remove these self inflicted stresses then and only then can you find peace, and with peace comes happiness.


#2 – Eating a healthy diet. We are what we eat. Right? If all the food you consume is lifeless, fried, colorless, fast and cheap, that is the way you will feel.  Fill your body with vibrant, live, nutritious, real, colorful food, and that’s how you will feel.  It’s really that simple, food is your source of energy, if your food has no energy to give then your body is pulling from its reserves, draining you. making your feel unhappy.


#3 – Getting regular exercise. When you exercise your body releases natural feel good endorphins called dopamine, giving you a natural high. Regular exercise has been proven to decrease stress levels, improve negative body image and build confidence. All things that contribute to happiness.

In conclusion, Telling the truth, eating healthy, and exercising are a surefire way to make you a happier you!



There is no separation of self, We are our minds, body, spirit, and feelings! Be mindful of what you consume.