Group Fitness

Get fit with ArisLife!  Get the personal attention, goal setting, and programming  you would get with a private trainer with  the motivation, accountability and friendships you gain through working on a team.

Introduction to the group

We specialize in personalized group training, we help you set goals, assess your fitness level, track your progress and assist in nutrition counseling to further help you obtain your personal goals. We place you in the appropriate classes to get results and challenge you, while keeping in mind your safety and current fitness level.

We tailor your class schedule for the classes that match your personal fitness level and body goals.  semi-annual check-ins  are performed with every member to track progress, and reassess your fitness level and adjust class schedules to assure you are consistently progressing.  Our classes are specifically designed for the woman’s body. we address the entire body while keeping in mind the  areas that women are most concerned with. We train like women because we are women!

Source: ArisLifeCorp

Founder, LMT, MAP, cosmetologist, nutrition/wellness coach, group exercise instructor There is no separation of self, We are our minds, body, spirit, and feelings! Be mindful of what you consume